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Mosquito Problem?

Not a Problem! Give us call. 

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Quit Buggin​' Me Pest Control offers Mosquito Treatments to keep those pesky mosquitoes out of your home and business.


We suggest treatments every 21-30 days for the best results.

Have a special Event? Need a 1-time treatment?

No Problem.

Quit Buggin' Me Pest Control also offers 1-time applications as well as applications for special events.


 It's time to "TAKE BACK YOUR YARD!"

Give us call 918-855-0060



Mosquito Treatments-

at Quit Buggin' Me Pest Control we will put a barrier of protection around your entire Home or Business. All all outdoor living areas; shrubs, mulch, trees, patios and decks are fogged with the best mosquito control material. Our Material kills on contact! It acts as a protective barrier to keep mosquitoes out of the yard. Not only does the treatment eliminate mosquitoes , but it is often effective on fleas, gnats, and chiggers.

Frequently asked questions...

How often is treatment recommended?

For best results, we suggest having an application done every 21-30 days

How long does the Mosquito treatment last?

 Treatments can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks depending on our weather.

Is the treatment safe for People and Pets?

Yes!  it is safe for people and pets!

We suggest waiting 45 minutes before walking on the lawn or until the material dries.


General Info 

• Kills mosquitoes and their eggs on contact

• There is no lingering odor or chemical residue

• Services and pricing is based on the size of the property

• No contracts to sign, cancel anytime

To ensure your treatments are more effective...

Please eliminate mosquito breeding areas by replacing standing water, change bird baths and pet dishes regularly, Keep landscape trimmed & cleaned from unneeded trash or vegetation, keep roof gutters clean of debris. 

Please allow the areas that we treated adequate time to dry before watering.

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